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Improving Outlook plug-in

I find Outlook plug-in very useful for myself. I'd like to have an ability to add an e-mail as a task from the mail itself not only from main Outlook window. What I mean: I receive an e-mail, see popup notification, click on it and open the mail for reading. In order to add it as a task I have to go to main Outlook window, find the mail in the mails list and only after that add it to Todoist.
P.S. Evernote plug-in has such functionality.

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Gavin premium
Replied on Jun 19, 2013 - 06:53

Great suggestion. To extend on this when composing or replying to an e-mail I would like to see the ability to add to Todoist as a task.

As mentioned above Evernote has this type of functionality.