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Add a task from the 7 days overview


When I'm in the "7 days view", I can't easily add a new task for a chosen day. Let's day it's Monday now, I already see some tasks for Wednesday, and I want to add a new one.

My choices are:
1. Use the Add Task bottom in upper right corner. But that a) needs me to fill in day (Wednesday) and b) switches the view from 7 days view to a 1 day view after I've added the task. So I need to switch the view back.
2. Go to some project view and add a new tasks, again fill in the date, and then again switch back to 7 days view.

Because I use 7 days view almost exclusively (it's my homepage) and I adding a new task for the week ahead is my most frequent operation, I'd really appreciate a faster workflow. In the 7 days view it could work like this:
a) If there are already some tasks for a chosen day, allow people to use Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Enter shortcuts, as it is common in project views. That allows people to clicking into an existing task, and quickly add a task above or below. When doing this, you can pre-fill the due date to that particular day, so that the user doesn't have to fill it again. There also needs to be a project selection widget, it should show the default project by default.
b) If there are no tasks yet for a chosen day, show a small Add task button placeholder. Then use the approach above.

If you implement this simple change, my efficiency will sky-rocket. Thank you.