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Rename Projects and Labels.


This is kind of a silly request. After several months of using your excellent application, I was dissatisfied. First, I had a project called 'nonproject' where most of my todos wound up. Second, in order to keep track of my next actions list (which might also need additional labels) I was having to constantly tag each action, and often times I would 'lose' tasks in my list if I forgot to tag them properly when on the go.

What I finally realized is that your 'projects' are actually containers for lists of todos, and your 'labels' are really tags. So for me it is much better to use the 'projects' as list categories (next actions, waiting for, etc.) and the 'labels' to organize the projects (thus allowing one item to be in multiple projects).

Ok my request is:

(1) get rid of the term "Projects". Call them "Categories" or "Folders" or something like that.

(2) Call labels "tags" because that is what the rest of the world calls them.

I doubt either change will confuse anyone, and might make it more clear how general and flexible your application is!