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To David Trey, re: reminders


Thanks for the reply re: turning off default reminders. this will now allow me to control the actual time of the reminder, which was half of my issue... the other half was actually seeing the time of the reminder on the todoist page. The default reminder is the one that shows the time/day of the reminder... w/o this reminder, there is no time at a glance as to when it's do... the reminder that is set by clicking the gear for the event or right clicking and entering the reminder/due date does NOT show the date/time.

When you set a reminder, regardless of where, the date time should show on the task. Just a thought!

Thanks! (Seriously... check out Wunderlist and Any.do... amazingly simple)

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David Trey staff
Replied on Mar 11, 2013 - 13:39

Hello Chuck,

Please note that there are 2 separate elements:

1. Due times on a task - which can be set anytime regardless of your reminder settings. If you set a task due "ev day @ 1pm", you will see its time on the left side of the task name. Now, if you have default reminders turned on, this will automatically add a "30 minutes before" reminder to this task. If you have reminders switched off - there will be no automatic reminder added to this task.

2. Due times of reminders - these can be set separately either by right-clicking on a task and going to the "Reminders" menu or by typing <remind tod at 1pm> within the task's name. This allows you to set a reminder for any precise time that you want (you can type <remind tomorrow at 13:41> and you will receive the reminder exactly at this time), even recurring reminders.

Note - the second option (to set the time of the reminder manually) will work regardless of whether the task itself has a due date or a due time, both or neither.

Best regards,