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Comprehensive drag + drop support


None of the apps have very robust drag & drop abilities. Being able to move tasks around, indent them (pressing the indentation LEVEL in the task edit screen is rather Unix 1.0ish) and otherwise organize them on ALL platforms would be very nice. Feels like a major omission each time I use the app.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Dec 17, 2012 - 15:42

Hello Nik,

Thank you for your feedback, we would greatly appreciate if you could clarify how would you like a good drag & drop support to be.

You can currently move tasks around in Todoist using drag & drop, move them between projects, quickly postpone from the 7 days view (also with drag & drop) and indent tasks using the number keys 1, 2, 3 or 3 while grabbing a task. Please take a look at this video showing how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhumUr8kY6I

Best regards,

Replied on Dec 17, 2012 - 16:40

I didn't realize you could drag & drop projects and stuff, since Projects is always an overlay.

I guess that leaves me with wanting to see drag & drop for indenting. The 1, 2, 3 buttons are fine and all, but it's still a multi-step process of moving it under the right parent, and then setting the indent level (which is irrespective of the indentation of the parent).