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Add the ability to log how much time you worked on a specific task


Todoist has been great for me. I have been making sure that every task I work on is logged within Todoist. The daily reports I have sent to me are not very useful though. If there was a way to quickly log how long a certain task worked, then that data would be extremely helpful for me. I work in the startup world, and as you probably know, there are many hats that owners have to wear, ranging from COO, Product Manager, to Intern. I want to know what percentage of the time I am working on tasks that really help grow the business, vs. very medial tasks that might be better off getting an intern to work on. Having the visibility of the time I am spending on each task would help accomplish this greatly.

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Mynta Duhamel
Replied on Sep 28, 2012 - 16:42

This would be very useful for me, as I specifically want to keep track of how long specific actions take me so that I can better estimate them in the future.

The ability to log time spent on a specific task, combined with an ability to log estimated time to completion, would personally fulfill my needs from the program.

To be clear, I can track the time on my own. I would only need a field to record my result.