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Add the ability to vote against a Votebox idea.


I was drawn to the minimalist approach of todoist. I've worked at length with many of the other todo products and services currently available. Most products over-complicate what, to me, should be the primary focus: the efficient handling, scheduling, and grouping of simple daily tasks.

Many of the ideas I see in the votebox would be unappealing to me as they would tend to clutter and otherwise complicate a product that I believe would benefit from maximizing its' platform scope (by running simply and well on all chosen frontends) and not by feature over-reach.

In reality, except for my one other Votebox suggestion :) , I'd almost rather no new features are added while current features are refined (for example, continued development of embedding links and email into tasks).


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Jess premium
Replied on Jul 21, 2012 - 13:26

I agree to an extent with this. However, I'm not sure that voting against Votebox ideas will get the result you're after - if enough people like it & request it, it'll eventually get implemented whether or not you vote no. A better solution, in my opinion, would be allowing users a much greater degree of flexibility in terms of opting into or out of features, as well as more control over what is displayed and how.

Replied on May 06, 2013 - 03:46

I think this is a bad idea, it will lead to mass downvoting, check Reddit for instance. Many subreddits disable downvoting purely because people abuse it.

Taco V premium
Replied on Feb 13, 2014 - 13:37

Although the ebst solution isn't obvious, I totally agree on the idea that many suggestions are bad and the people not wanting it should be heard. Todoist isn't and shouldn't be a full-blown project management system with planning, workflow statuses, calendars etc. However, I simply hope the developers will stand their ground when needed and ignore the oh so many "whatever I'll switch to RTM" messages!

+1 for expressing my thoughts so precisely :)