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Make Todoist fit any size screen (responsive design, fluid width)


Change Todoist to allow it to be viewed on any size screen, without horizontal scrolling.

Google "A Book Apart, Responsive Web Design". Or don't set a page width and let it all hang out. It's comfortable, like letting your belt out a notch. You'll love it.

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Paul Kaye premium
Replied on Jan 11, 2013 - 01:53

I mentioned this problem to a friend of mine, who provided me with a solution, and allowed me to share it. Credit to Ben Maraney.

I use Firefox, and installed the Stylish plugin (which I'd considered before for other reasons). I added a new style, pasting the following code:

@-moz-document domain("todoist.com") {

body { width: 95% !important ;}
#content>table { width: 100%;}
#editor { width: 70% !important ; }

#list_holder { width: 30% !important; }
#list { width: 100% !important; }

I imagine one can tweak the numbers to suit individual preferences. Thank you Ben!