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Hi, the feature I voted for does not seem to be listed the way I intend to vote, so I am starting a new one just in case. Here is the on I voted for,


and here is the comment I added to that list,

""""I would like to see the ability to import a long text list.

I think your website is light years ahead of all the rest. But I really like to accrue random lists with Plaintext on the go, then add the appropriate ones to a todoist "inbox", similar to your suggestion below, before finally sorting them, which goes relatively smooth with reordering and/or "multiple tasks move to project". But cutting and pasting the list is a hassle, I have to perform half a dozen keystrokes as many times as items I have on the list.

from add additional item:
(paste, select all but one, give or take an up or right button, cut, return)

This could be 100 items why not. So at my computer I learned what I think is a macro, but I would be stuck with doing it only at my computer, and not at work or travel for instance. Not a huge hindrance, your website is overall great, but just wanted to offer my reasoning and ideas for others.