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Change complete date.


If one is going to use the completion statistics regularly, it should be possible to modify the completion date. This would make it possible to properly attribute a completed task of yesterday to yesterday if you happen to be "checking off" that task today.

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Michele premium
Replied on Aug 26, 2013 - 13:25

Thanks ! I often happen to check off tasks late esp. after weekend warrior-type tasks and that totally wrecks my karma ;-)

Sherwood Bishop premium
Replied on Aug 27, 2013 - 08:17

This would be helpful because I use the completion dates as a record of when something was done. Currently, if I don't get it checked off in time, I have to add a note to the task such as "Actually met with Fred on 8/25." However, it still remains recorded in the wrong place, chronologically.

Rice Pirate
Replied on Sep 06, 2013 - 22:01

Would love this ... kinda need this to accurately track things when I don't always have a computer around and use a list on paper. thanks.

Bobby White premium
Replied on Mar 05, 2014 - 17:12

I would also like to be able to modify the completion date. I want these dates to reflect reality. And in reality I don't always check the box the second I have completed something. I may even want to add tasks after the fact so that I have a full view of what it took to complete a project. Thanks for considering.

Matthew premium
Replied on Mar 21, 2014 - 10:15

It would be a very handy feature to be able to change the completion date as I often find myself backdating tasks and would like this to reflect the date when it was actually done to give me a more accurate picture of my performance.
I'd imagine this is not a particularly complex feature to add (I could be wrong) and would greatly appreciate its inclusion.