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Clicking "I'm done adding tasks" should save task currently being added.


Current behavior:
Clicking the "I'm done adding tasks" text button discards the current task being added when in add new tasks mode. This aligns with the Escape keyboard shortcut behavior in both add new tasks mode and edit mode (acceptable) and, more relevantly, aligns with the "Cancel" text button behavior from edit mode (also acceptable and in fact both behaviors are expected of ESC and hitting "Cancel").

Requested behavior:
Clicking "I'm done adding tasks" while in add new tasks mode should save the last task the user typed in. "I'm done adding tasks" communicates the opposite of discarding edits and canceling changes.

Repro Steps:
1. Click "Add Task"
2. Type text into task text field such as "Run a mile".
3. Click "I'm done adding tasks".

"Run a mile" to be added as a to-do.

No task is added. This behavior mimics hitting ESC, which is unexpected as I typed in a task and clicked "I'm done adding tasks".

Screenshot of why the current result is jarring (imagine having typed a ton of text and then immediately clicking "I'm done"):