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"Tried" To Complete a Task Feature!


Occasionally, I have tasks on my list that require multiple attempts to complete successfully (ex: Call accountant to get tax info).

I can call my accountant, but if he's not there then I am forced to leave the task unchecked... it would be nice to have a option (perhaps another type of checkbox or simply a right click contextual menu) that gives me the ability to show task as completed for today, but still open for tomorrow.

The idea is that the task would automatically be recreated and placed in a future time or date (perhaps an option to be tackled again in an hour or a day etc).

It would be nice to have a note automatically open asking for quick reason why you could not completed (ex: no one answered the phone, etc). That way when you retackle the task you can see why it wasn't done on the first attempt

This would help me have a better sense of accomplishment as I tackle my tasks on a daily basis.

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Marcelo Ramagem
Replied on Jan 11, 2012 - 13:40

Or you could call it a "Try again" feature... meaning you attempted to complete but could not do it because the task was dependent on some other event or action outside of your control (such as having someone answer the phone etc).

Come on people!!! Vote on this idea :-)