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Daily digest mails (or other repetitive reminding mechanisms)


I've been using Todoist for a while now and have discovered that single reminders don't work for some tasks for me. It would be great to have a mechanism that keeps reminding me of unfinished tasks that I've already received a reminder for. My first thought is a daily digest mail as in Wedoist. That works great and is rather subtle. Plus you can check all tasks you need to do on the way to work (since the mail is sent at 8 in the morning.)

Shouldn't be too difficult to implement, right? :)

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David Trey staff
Replied on Apr 27, 2012 - 12:25

Hello Simeon,

thank you for your suggestion and I'm glad to announce that your request has been implemented.

Today, we've introduced a "daily digest" email message which will be sent to everyone at 8am every day.

It will include the following information:
- tasks due today,
- overdue tasks,
- the number of tasks completed yesterday,
- a visualization of your productivity in the last 8 days.


Best regards,

Simeon Nedkov premium
Replied on Apr 30, 2012 - 21:23

Great. Thanks a lot!