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Overdue Task Grouping into Weeks & Months


A lot of people seem to have issues with the organization of the overdue tasks in the “today, overdue” and “7 days, overdue” task views. Most of the issues are surrounding the ordering of the headers shown. I am proposing a grouping method to make fewer headers for all the overdue tasks. This will be most beneficial to people with many overdue tasks. First off, here is the current display for “today, overdue” (assuming the user has overdue tasks for every day):

5 days ago
4 days ago
3 days ago
2 days ago
6 days ago
7 days ago
8 days ago
9 days ago
10 days ago
20 days ago
30 days ago
60 days ago

My proposal involves grouping up those long overdue tasks at the bottom by week in the current month, and by month beyond that point. The last five days and today do not need to change (or could be changed as an option which is not part of this proposal). For the purposes of this example the date, November 30th, was chosen as “today” and the corresponding dates are shown in parentheses.

5 days ago (Fri, Nov 25)
4 days ago (Sat, Nov 26)
3 days ago (Sun, Nov 27)
2 days ago (Mon, Nov 28)
Yesterday (Tue, Nov 29)
Today (Wed, Nov 30)
4th Week of Month (Mon, Nov 21 - Thur, Nov 24)
3rd Week of Month (Mon, Nov 14 - Sun, Nov 20)
2nd Week of Month (Mon, Nov 7 - Sun, Nov 13)
1st Week of Month (Tue, Nov 1 - Sun, Nov 6)
Last Month (Sat, Oct 1 - Mon, Oct, 31)
2 Months ago (Thur, Sept 1 - Fri, Sept, 30)

The 1st week is from the day that the 1st of the month falls on until the first Sunday of the month, then the following weeks are Monday to Sunday up until the point where the last week crosses into the last 5 days. As before, when day 5 becomes day 6 it drops to below “today”, but now it is added into the last week or begins the new week if it was a Monday.

I have been manually reassigning dates for tasks that are over a month old and I think this would keep everything more organized and less cluttered than how it is now, where there is an additional space and header for every overdue task on a different date. Going along with this I think should be two features:
- Because the header for the exact date is gone, the date will have to be shown on the line with the task (similar to the view within projects)
- There should be options to sort by date or priority within these week and month headers

I think it should be an option to switch to this grouped overdue task view, because it may be beneficial to some and not to others.