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Move tasks up and down with keyboard.


Most outliners allow you to move a task with the keyboard as opposed to moving between tasks with the keyboard. More keyboard shortcuts and fewer mouse clicks improves productivitiy.

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Replied on Nov 13, 2011 - 02:05

I'd be happy with [shift]+[return] to add a task before the last one. I often work back in time with setting tasks, stating the goal then working back step by step.

Matt Ross premium
Replied on Oct 28, 2012 - 22:46

Jira has two very useful keyboard shortcuts:

s+t = send to top of list
s+b = send top bottom of list

This would be useful for todoist lists too.

Replied on Apr 01, 2013 - 04:09

I need this function not only for tasks editing but also project editing.

Andy Wendt
Replied on May 30, 2013 - 11:53

This would be great since it is much less strenuous to use the keyboard than to have to move all the way to the mouse.

It would be nice to have a keyboard delete and customizable keyboard shortcuts.

David Hilowitz premium
Replied on Feb 06, 2014 - 09:51

Agreed. On a Mac, Command + Control + arrow key should move the task up our down. Just like OmniFocus.

Ash W premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2014 - 19:43

I just wanted to note for anyone that stumbles across this thread:

ctrl + arrow (up or down) does move the tasks up/down, and ctrl + arrow (left or right) changes the task indentation.

David Hilowitz premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2014 - 21:19

I think control + arrow just moves the focus up and down the list, it doesn't actually reorder the tasks itself.

Ash W premium
Replied on Apr 07, 2014 - 21:57

Silly me. You're right. I'd just done a quick check (needless to say, I never use the feature) and thought I'd seen the task move, but you're right, it just moves the "editing" option up and down between different tasks.