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Show a task's parent tasks when printing it out on the chronological list


Currently, when viewing tasks in the chronological view, the project name appears on the right hand side. However, this is not always sufficient to identify the context of a task.

Let's say I have a project as follows:

Project: Computer Maintenance
Task: Upgrade to Windows 7
Sub-task 1: Save data
Sub-task 2: Assemble media

When sub-task 2 prints out, it will say "Assemble media". The context is not clear simply by looking at the project name "Computer Maintenance". Now, one could solve this by creating a new project called "Upgrade to Windows 7". However, this might significantly increase the number of projects, and might not be desirable for that reason.

Proposed functionality:

When sub-task 2 prints out, the project name already shows, but it would be helpful to print out the parent tasks. In this case, we only have one, so the entry would read "Upgrade to Windows 7 > Assemble media", which clarifies the context.