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Auto-Add Dates for Sub-Tasks


I really love working with Todoist - there were a few features missing, so I literally tried 6 other GTD type programs before coming back to Todoist, which I have found to be the simplest, yet most complete application available (even the free version!). Thank you!

There are a lot of great suggestions that I hope will be implemented someday soon that would encourage me to become a premium member. One feature that would really help me out is an Automatic Insert of dates for Sub-Tasks.

For example - If I have a task for a weekly chore of 'Clean the House' due 'every Tuesday', my sub-tasks of 'clean bathroom, mop floors, etc.' would have an automatic due date of 'every Tuesday as I enter them. If I needed to change the due date of a specific sub-task, I could do so individually. I hope this makes sense:).
Thanks again for a great product!

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Vivian Lee premium
Replied on Apr 06, 2014 - 20:33

I absolutely agree with this.