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Display multiple search queries


I got inspired by this post on the Remember the Milk blog: http://blog.rememberthemilk.com/2011/09/tips-tricks-tuesday-wall-of-widgets/

This would be incredibly powerful, as you could organize your tasks in almost anyway that makes sense to you and then display them all on the screen at the same time in lists that are both comprehensive and comprehensible.

This feature could have a few different implementations:
1. Semicolons (;) in the search bar -
Example: today, @home; p1; @waitingfor
Output would be similar to current search function, but each vertical iteration would have a unique query
2. Add a column: display multiple searches across the screen horizontally
3. Customizable widgets (similar to the link above) - Essentially you can add columns or rows that could be resized and moved around in relation to each other (like iGoogle for task lists - this is the least feasible, yet most preferred, option)

This feature would work very nicely together with the saved searches feature which has already been requested!