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paying per month


Pleas add option: pay per month or 3 months.

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Replied on Jan 11, 2012 - 03:16

I'd rather see a lifetime subscription added at a discount ヅ

Michael Sena
Replied on Nov 20, 2012 - 15:52

I would like to know if I could just pay once and for all?
A lifetime payment, if you will.

Please let me know how much it is... subscriptions are not my favorite.

David Trey staff
Replied on Nov 21, 2012 - 00:59

Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, we do not offer lifetime memberships right now, but please note that the annual subscription of $29 can be canceled anytime (simply unsubscribe directly on your PayPal account) with no obligations to renew it.

Best regards,