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Change level/indent of a project


In addition to reordering projects, I'd like to be able to move them in and out of being a sub-project.

For instance, I have a customer issues project. More complicated, or long running, issues get their own project.

I would like to be able to move the individual issue projects in and out of the general customer issues project.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Aug 29, 2011 - 11:02

Hello Troy,

this feature is already available.

In order to change the level of a project, hover over it, and you'll see a small gear icon on the right side. Click on it and choose "Edit name" from the drop down menu. From now on, you can (beside editing its name) change its level using either the two arrow buttons on the right side or a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+LeftArrow / Ctrl+RightArrow.

Press enter or click "Save" to confirm the new level of this project.

Best regards,