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Assign Project Optionally / Without Having Project Context


I would like to be able to assign the project as one assigns the date, not be required to contextually be in a project to add tasks - I am thinking that this would reduce steps and, at least for me, works better with my work flow thinking.

For example, I am going through my inbox and I have an email that I want to convert to be a task, I need to select "Show projects" to show a project in the side bar window, scroll to the bottom of the window, select the envelop graphic, then go back to "Show projects" to return to my preferred task list display.

What I think would be ideal would be to have an "Add Task" and/or "Add Task - Link / Add Task - email" button at the top of the task window that I can select without having to first select Project Display. Then, at the bottom of the little add task dialog, we could be required (or make it optional) to add the Project and, of course, optionally add a date. Adding the task then does not require that the user change the Todoist task window.

Of course, if this can somehow already be done, please do share the approach!

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Ashley Myers
Replied on Dec 08, 2011 - 16:35

I do like the Ctrl+Q shortcut, but it would be nice to have the option to set the Todoist extension button in Chrome to bring up the same menu (sometimes faster to use mouse than keyboard or keyboard focus is not in the correct location to use shortcut). I am not one to review my tasks while also looking at a webpage, so my primary use of this extension is to quickly add tasks/emails.