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Checked overdue daily tasks will appear today


Yes, I know your answers, but there are dozens and dozens of people who tried to explain you that an checked overdue daily recurring task has to appear again today and NOT tomorrow. This is a huge unproductivity that you implemented a while ago - completely unnecessary.

For instance: I'm on some sort of plan that includes DIFFERENT elements everyday, but it is recognized as ONE daily task. So: If I did not do this task yesterday it is NOT THE SAME task I would do today and also NOT THE SAME task I would do tomorrow. So the checking of the uncompleted task (yesterday) MUST not "delete" the appearance of that task TODAY!!! Get it?


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Joey premium
Replied on Feb 22, 2014 - 01:04

Totally agree!

This is a major bug and totally contradicts the language in the Todoists own help page that says: "In Todoist there are two recurring dates: every and after. They are similar and the difference is how the next date is computed."

Bingo! the help page is correct, Todoist itself is wrong.