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iPad - count of tasks in each filter on the left menu bar


On the menu bar, I can the number of tasks falling into each project and label is listed to the right of each. This isn't true with filters. (The number of tasks in each filter is listed on the Android app, though.)

Those of us who build time-based filters need that count to get a sense of where we might be getting jammed up. A quick glance at that menu on Android, for instance, helps me in my Sunday review by letting me see if, say, I have 21 tasks on Tuesday, but only 4 on Wednesday. I can reallocate my time a lot more effectively. I'd much rather do that review on my iPad, though, than my phone. I can eyeball the numbers by clicking into each filter, but the count would be a much quicker and more accurate thing to help me balance my time for the week ahead.

Hopefully a small enhancement, but it would have a big payout for me.

(Duration of tasks would be a nice addition to all of this as well, but I think that's in the Votebox elsewhere.)