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Make iPhone app as close to online version as possible!!


I am in love with the online version of Todoist!

However, I'm not that crazy about the iPhone app. I like its slick black appearance, but would love if the app was a close as possible to the online version.

The clear and simple format and ease of marking, editing and rescheduling tasks at todoist.com is sheer beauty and elegance. The features I prefer in todoist.com over the current iPhone app?:

- checkboxes to quickly mark a task complete
- monthly calendar view to choose a task's due date

What I'd like to see changed in both versions:

- the Priority colours.. level 2 and level 3 are too close to each other.
- it would be nice to have the actual text of the task appear in its Priority colour, especially in the iPhone app. I simply have a hard time seeing the slim colour strip on the left side of the screen. I'm sort of getting used to having the checkboxes coloured in the online version, but I definitely can't handle the iPhone version!

I believe the mobile version comes very close to accomplishing these suggestions.... and I've actually continued using it even after the release of the official iPhone app!

Please consider simply enhancing the mobile version for your upcoming new release!

Thank you!