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Alternative task touch interface (one tap complete, view label/project, etc)

When viewing a task the only thing you can do is tap it which gives the pop-down menu. From a principle of least surprise this works as there are so many things you could do with a task how can Todoist anticipate what the user wants? Simple but effective.

Thinking about this, I think it could be done differently and still honour the principle of least surprise.

* Have a tap-able "complete" box like the old interface
* Make the coloured labels and projects shown on the task as tap-able so you can jump straight to the label/project
* Use a slide gesture to get the other functions though this is more commonly used for deletion in iOS so perhaps have that and ...
* ... have a gear icon or make tapping anywhere else on the task show the pop-down menu

For me the surprise was not being able to tap the coloured label and projects on a task to view them, so just that would be good in itself.