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Todoist Personal Assistant


To do apps are great, if you review them on a regular basis.

The idea for this feature is for Todoist to bug you to do your tasks at some user determined time during the day (or perhaps if x amount of time has passed since you last accessed it?), so that you focus on what remains to be done.

Set an alarm for a time of day at which point Todoist is launched and shows you your tasks for today (one at a time). You can confirm you intent to complete the task today, defer it till tomorrow, delete it or mark as completed.

You can also have an option limiting the number of tasks shown (eg. max 10 rather than the 213 due today), an option to show a set number of tasks irrespective of whether some are due tomorrow or later, an option to show old tasks (ones that have not been modified for longest period of time).

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Replied on Dec 03, 2013 - 23:10

I believe Any.do has a very basic version of this feature. They call it an Any.do Moment.