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Ability to drag and drop in labels and priority fields


You have the best app around. Just one request: Please make it so you can drag and drop to reorder the prioritized and labeled items.

A "to do" list is something that a person should not have to constantly update (as with dated items). If something is important enough to need a date it goes on my calendar. If it doesn't need a date it goes on my "to do" list so can I get to it whenever time permits. The only exception would be needing a date in order to create a reminder alarm (as in every 15 minutes, or every hour).

It would be nice to have an app where you can have a prioritized list of things that need to be done. A list that would only need changing if you add something new or decide to change a priority by dragging and dropping.

I use the Today page because it is the only way to show things selected out of different projects in one place where you can reorder them according to priority. But having them become somewhat spaced apart as we cross into another day, and then having to go and postpone each one, is just creating constant work.

An app should help get things done, not create extra work by requiring the user to do daily maintenance to keep his list current, it's just extra work.

Again, you have a great app, but it would help to have a field where you can get items you want to work on from different projects all in one place, order them, and not have to keep do anything else to that list current.