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how to do a phone list


for newbies like me -

[you need the "premium" upgrade if you want to be able to dial out from your phone list but I've used this approach for a couple of years as a reference data base before upgrading to Premium]

1. start a new project "Contacts"

2. I add a task with an asterisk and space like this "* Smith, John 321-555-1212 home . johnsmith@todoist.com";

[note: the "asterisk and space"turns off the task checkbox]

3. I add another person by clicking on John Smith's "gear" icon that appears to the right of his name when I move the mouse over his name. I add people alphabetically by adding them as a task 'above' or 'below' as appropriate.

4. I have a separate section in the "Contacts" project below the 'People' for "Business and Organizations", so I enter them like this "* Todoist . Brendon . 321-555-12354 . work phone", for example. Again I keep entries alphabetical as I add more contacts.

4. now that I've upgraded to 'Premium' I also enter their phone number in "Notes" - now I can look them up - and - dial them from my android phone.

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Trevor Hamon premium
Replied on Apr 25, 2013 - 15:08

I found it very handy to be able to access this contact data base from anywhere that I could access the internet.

being able to dial out from my contact list is the frosting on the cake for my Todoist app.

Todoist is, after my email, the feature that I use the most on my pc, iPad and android phone.

a Happy Fan!