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prem vs business difference


Is the only difference, as far as UI and functionality, betw prem and business just the 1 line on left that says 'team' ...

i know there are a couple other things obviously that you can do with business, my question is, do they all basically stem out of that one tab.

Reason being, that id like to set personal acct up now, but might as well do business one so when i am ready later in the year or whenever, to add in other users, i dont have to switch or anything..

So, if it was just one little tab that i wouldnt be using, it would be good for me to just do the business version..

Is there anything else that is design wise, or operationally different? Put another way, is there any reason someone would choose specifically NOT to get TD business, since cost is identical

Many thanks..the software is awesome btw.. loving it.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jul 10, 2014 - 13:23


The "Team Inbox" is a separate project that is shared by default with your entire team without having to invite everyone into it. That's the first change on the "user end", the second is that instead of being able to invite up to 25 people into each project on Premium, you can invite up to 50 people per project on Business.

Now, the main difference is on the "Business Admin" end. Once you have a Business account, you get a separate Admin panel which you can use to add users to your team, remove them, decide whether your team is allowed to share or join projects outside of the team, add your company data, receive a full invoice and can pay for all users at once - yearly or monthly.

That said, the reason NOT to get Business is to avoid paying for other people's accounts. This can be a benefit if you just have your private account and simply want to share project switch people without being "in charge" of the team. If you do have a business with employees that you want to manage and pay for all their accounts - then that's where TD for Business comes in and makes it easier to upgrade for the whole team.

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todoist t premium
Replied on Jul 10, 2014 - 13:34

Thanks David.. So:

1) If i get prem and switch to bus, is it seamless? Any issues besides refund problems ive read about?
2) there should be a way to have business vers and still share without paying for others accts like there is for prem, right?
3)to clarify, visually, its only the little team inbox that will be hanging around unused if i get business but only land up using it for personal
4) Is this the only way to contact you guys w questions? I mean, you were super fast, so i cant complain at all..but just feels odd, and i try to sort questions by 'newest' for ex and it doesnt do anything unless i type in a search box entry.. seems like no one is asking questions which is odd for a product w a couple million users no?

5) :-) I def would want to share some projects even as individual acct, so i guess the key question is #2 above, being able to share w business like i can w premium without having to pay for everyone. And i assume they just need a free account, and can just share the project w them right?

Many thanks again...

David Trey staff
Replied on Jul 10, 2014 - 14:40

1. It is seamless. You just go to https://todoist.com/business and start the trial. At this point, the value of the remaining Premium time gets credited towards the Business plan. Which means that your first invoice will be discounted by whatever your Premium time was worth.

2. Correct. Simply right-click on a project and choose "Share project". In fact, this is a free feature so you can invite up to 5 people per project on the free version.

3. Yes. Well, technically there will be one more change, that is - if you click on the gear icon at the top, then aside from "Todoist Settings", you'll also have an option "Todoist Business Admin" which will show you a separate page with all the business options for account management - billing, CC info etc. but yes, other than that the actual "main" Todoist app itself doesn't really change.

4. This is the best way to contact us as you get a fast response from either of our support team members regardless of when you contact us, if you'd email me personally, then I can only answer during European daytime ;-)

As for the amount of questions - some are set to private so you won't see them, but also our main goal is always to make Todoist very intuitive and easy to use so that there's less need to learn to use it and ask :-)

5. Yes. But to clarify - if you have a free account, you can only invite 5 people into each of your project (these could be different people in each project of course), but even if they are Premium, it's still 5 because it's your free account that invites them. But on Premium, you can invite 25 people per project and they could be both free or Premium and it will still work because it's your Premium account that invites them.

Best regards,