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Make darker lines between items


I second the comment from a user back in 2013 that it should be possible for the user to specify darker lines between items. They're very faint, at least in the Windows browser and Android apps. Darker lines would help make items visually more distinct

Your staff's response was "Unfortunately, it was not possible" to darken the lines. However, it wasn't clear if he meant not possible for a user to configure a darker line presently, or if there was a deeper coding limitation that names it not possible to offer in the future. (I hope it's the former.)

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Brendon Wadey staff
Replied on Jun 16, 2014 - 00:04 UTC


It's of course possible for us to change this, or add an ability to allow the user to change it, I am sure whomever replied was referring to the app at the time.

So right now it's not possible for users to change this, we will consider adding more options in future updates.


kdeuler premium
Replied on Jun 16, 2014 - 00:29 UTC

OK thanks for responding!

kdeuler premium
Replied on Feb 16, 2015 - 00:50 UTC

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