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Support for BOX



This is great news: https://todoist.com/blog/2014/05/todoist-announces-dropbox-google-drive-and-native-file-support-2/

Are you planning to add support for Box: https://www.box.com/ ??

Thanks // Martin

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Martin Karlsson premium
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 08:17 UTC

On all plattforms?

Clyde Romo staff
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 08:27 UTC

Hello Martin,

We are not currently working on an integration on Box though we're not ruling it out. Please add it in as a suggestion in our Votebox https://todoist.com/Vote/.

Best Regards,


Martin Karlsson premium
Replied on May 23, 2014 - 10:25 UTC

Thanks. I did.


Vänligen // Martin

Jan Kok premium
Replied on Sep 02, 2014 - 11:19 UTC

Box.com would be great! It's our main storage!!

Zebu premium
Replied on Sep 26, 2014 - 18:13 UTC

Box support is also my office cloud connection. Would be great to have on Todoist.