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Recurring task date

Recurring task setup issue happening on Web, Windows, and Outlook platforms.

Setting up a recurring task for "every second Thursday starting May 15" continually fails to set the starting date correctly and sets it for May 8th. Using syntax "every 2nd Thursday starting May 15" has the same result. The task says it is starting on the 15th but shows a first due day of May 8 and "7 days left" in the pop up.

See https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=28380A73191A8D97!1791&authkey=!AMXc5SDCRLOEWMc&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.png.

I've tried on the Windows, web and Outlook platforms all with the same results.

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Brendon Wadey staff
Replied on May 01, 2014 - 23:45

Hi Michael,

The second Thursday of May is the 8th, which is why this keeps adding it to the 8th. It shouldn't really be accepted at all. The 15th is the third Thursday of May.


Michael Royer premium
Replied on May 02, 2014 - 00:04

"every second Thursday" is not the same thing as "the second Thursday". And in numerous ToDoIst support articles I have found reference to the language I used as well as it is plainly called out in the DATES and TIMES help at https://win.todoist.com/Help/DatesTimes. There it is using the example of "every 2nd monday".

Brendon Wadey staff
Replied on May 02, 2014 - 01:32


It states "every 2nd monday" and it works correctly. Every second thursday is the same thing. It's getting added correctly.

I am not sure what the difference between "the second thursday" is, if that is not the case, then what are you expecting the result to be?


Michael Royer premium
Replied on May 05, 2014 - 15:27

"every 2nd Monday" (or Thursday or whatever) is _not_ the same thing as "the 2nd Monday". Saying "the 2nd Monday" connotes an agreed understanding of when "the 1st Monday" is because of the built-in reference to the starting point, hence everyone can agree upon when "the 2nd Monday in June" is because it has an explicit understanding of when there is a 1st Monday in June. Saying "every 2nd Monday" does not have any referential point until one adds "starting on.....", at which point you begin counting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

the 2nd Monday of January 2015 should create a one-time schedule of Jan 12th, 2015

every 2nd Monday [of the month] starting in January 2015 should create a recurring schedule of Jan 12th, Feb 9th, Mar 9th, Apr 13th, etc.

every 2nd Monday starting January 5th, 2015, should create a recurring schedule of Jan 5th, Jan 19th, Feb 2nd, Feb 16th, etc. THIS IS THE ONE NOT WORKING. ToDoIst is assuming incorrectly that the referenced start for a "2nd Monday" is the beginning of the month rather than what is the explicitly stated reference point for starting.

David Trey staff
Replied on May 05, 2014 - 16:27

Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, we don't support a single-occurring due date for one specific 2nd day of the week in a month. For that, please pick the date from the mini-calendar and it will set a task for the one specific date.

"Every 2nd Monday" works correctly - it sets a recurring tasks that repeats on every "2nd Monday" on each month so - the second Monday of May, then the second Monday of June etc.

If you wish to set a task that just repeats every 2 weeks, please type "every 2 weeks" into the date field. You can also of course specify the starting date "every 2 weeks starting Monday". This is the same as "every 14 days starting Monday" and will recur as it states - every 2 weeks (14 days) from a certain day or date.

As for starting dates in general - they don't affect the recurrence pattern only the starting instance if the starting date is pass or before the expected "next best" default. So if you set a task to "every 5 days" - it will start on the next best day that is - today. If you set it to "every 5 days starting Friday" - it will override the default and set the first occurrence to Friday, but it will not change the pattern to "every Friday" just because it's the start date - it will just begin there.

Best regards,

Michael Royer premium
Replied on May 05, 2014 - 17:24

Thanks David. That's the detail I needed to fix my recurring task issue. I appreciate the explanation.

jtherry premium
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 15:43

I wonder if it's possible to set recurring dates that expire. For example, I need to work on a task daily until August 18. How can I set it to do "every day until Aug 18"? That would be extremely useful, actually indispensable.

David Trey staff
Replied on Aug 08, 2014 - 16:19


That's unfortunately not possible now, but you can hold the SHIFT key while checking off a recurring task and when you do that, this will complete it "for good". That is - move it to the history and make it never occur again so you could post the end date as a reference in the task's name and on this day hold SHIFT while checking it off (as a workaround).


Alex Szalinski premium
Replied on Sep 14, 2014 - 19:22

How do I set a recurring task for Every 1st Sunday in October? Thank you

David Trey staff
Replied on Sep 14, 2014 - 20:49

Hello Alex,

That can't be done, unfortunately, but we'll consider adding such date formats in the future. For now, as a workaround, you could set the task to "every 1 Oct" to make sure you won't miss it even if the 1st day of October will be a Sunday.