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Filter Projects but not sub-projects


I would like to create a filter that shows my 1st level projects, the first level of sub projects and tasks. how can I do this? i have the premium edition

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Brendon Wadey staff
Replied on Feb 07, 2014 - 12:36

Hi Jordan,

Unfortunately, right now there is no way to include projects within filters. Also, when clicking on the Parent project, there is no way to hide the sub-project from that view.

We will consider adding more options such as this in future updates. Feel free to add it to our votebox. http://todoist.com/Vote/ & http://todoist.com/Vote/show/5952/


Paul Dulfer premium
Replied on Feb 11, 2014 - 00:57

A related issue is where I have tasks with subtasks. If I create a filter subtasks appear not only collapsed under the nested parent task (as I expect and want) but also appear in the results as separate entries themselves. This makes the list unnecessarily long and essentially full of duplicates.

David Trey staff
Replied on Feb 11, 2014 - 06:37

Hello Paul,

That's intended. If we would skip sub-tasks that meet the search criteria, then for every sub-task that should be on the list, you would have to see a parent task even if it wouldn't meet the criteria.

With the current solution, you will never miss any task or sub-task when searching for something and additionally, if a parent task meets the criteria, can expand it to see what sub-tasks it contains.

Best regards,

Paul Dulfer premium
Replied on Feb 11, 2014 - 16:04

I understand. I guess the problem for me is I only want to see the tasks returned by the filter, and I want to see them in their most compact form.

A couple of suggestions:
1. Only show the tasks that are returned by the filter. If one of those has sub-tasks then the filtered list should only have an expansion showing the sub-tasks that are also returned by the filter.
2. Given the above, if a sub-task is returned by the filter, and its parent is also returned there is no need to repeat it in the list as a separate item.

I understand that this might just be something about the way I am using sub-tasks. My use case is I have a parent task like 'Conduct performance reviews' and then sub-tasks for each one: 'John', 'Mary', 'Bob' etc. My filter is showing them all separately and I would rather they were only nested under the parent task as it appears in the filter as well.