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Complete a recurring task after midnight but still have it listed for current day?


Most nights I'm up past midnight and I sometimes won't complete my daily recurring tasks until later, or forget to mark them as complete until after midnight. I have several tasks that are recurring daily and when I mark a task listed under "yesterday" as complete it automatically puts the next date for the task as tomorrow - can it be put for today instead? I'm reporting that I completed the task in the past and I still want to get credit for completing it today (but more importantly I want it to show on my list of tasks for today). The mobile app used to do this but changed a few versions ago.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jun 09, 2013 - 06:49

Hello Lori,

Unfortunately, that's not possible, but if the task is recurring daily, you can check it off and then right-click on it and choose "Do it today".

Best regards,