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merge two accounts


I inadvertantly opened a G+ account without linking it to my primary account. I'd like to merge the two. how do I do this?

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David Trey staff
Replied on Feb 22, 2013 - 06:44


Unfortunately, it's not possible if you're referring to merging the data contained on both account, but if you only want to authorize the other account with your Google account then that's possible.

To do so, please log into your Todoist account (the one you've used with Google and want to delete), go to Settings -> Account, use the "Edit" option next to the "Password" section to set a temporary Todoist password for it and then use the link at the bottom to delete this account and the newly set password to authorize the deletion. Note - this will permanently delete all data on this account with no option of ever retrieving it.

Now your GMail address will be free to reuse. Log in to your main Todoist account manually by typing in your email/password combination, go to Settings -> Authorizations and now you'll be able to link this account to your Google account.

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