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How does the drag and drop sorting work?


I am dragging level 2 tasks into the order I want them to appear. When I refresh, it changes to a different order and I can't figure out what variable it is using to sort them. Occasionally I refresh and it seems to be in the order I dragged & dropped them into., but not all of them are correct. How is this supposed to work? Do I need to drag and drop in a particular view/sort for it to stay?

Other possibly pertinent information:
None of these tasks have dates yet, as I'm entering some backlog information for historical purposes. Nearly all of them have a priority level 3.

I'm using "Projects" to represent clients, and "Tasks" to represent focus areas, and "Subtasks" to represent to-do items. I'm wondering if I need to move everything up one level in the hierarchy and have more than one Project per client representing various things we're working on. Does the hierarchy level affect the sorting? Would moving everything up a level change this?


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David Trey staff
Replied on Jan 17, 2013 - 12:41

Hello Sandra,

Regarding sorting - there are two "main" views:

1. The date views, that is - the "today" view, the "7 days" view and any other view of tasks from all projects sorted by date. In this view, the order of the tasks may indeed not be maintained as they're sorted automatically by due time, then priority then grouped by project.

2. The projects views, that is - when you click on a project name to enter it. In this view, the order of tasks is always maintained exactly as you reorder them, unless you click on the "p" or "s" key which will automatically resort all tasks in this project by priority or date, respectively.

If you're referring to the project view and the sort order is not maintained, please tell me:
- What browser are you using?
- Can you reproduce this issue in a different browser (if so - which one)?

As for the hierarchy you're using - it should have no effect if you're referring to the project view as within the projects, tasks should maintain their order as you sort them. Of course you could try to organize your tasks in other ways such as using labels, in which case you could create projects for focus areas and add tasks to them with labels where the label would represent a client. It all depends on how well and easy it works for you, but either way - no solution should affect the sorting issue within a project.

Best regards,