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SInce linking Todoist with Google Calendar - NEW tasks with due dates are not appearing in my Google Calendar

I have installed Google Chrome Plugin and linked Todoist with Google Calendar via the iCAL address. It did import the current tasks I had due however it does not reflect new tasks with due dates in the Google Calendar.
So effectively, I can only see the tasks that were in Todoist at the time I linked it Google Calendar. It is not showing new tasks that I have entered since.
Also, if I delete the tasks in Todoist that were imported at the time I subscribed - it does not reflect in my Google Calendar.

Pls help.


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David Trey staff
Replied on Oct 17, 2012 - 01:17

Hello Carly,

the synchronization between the iCal feed and a calendar software depends on how often the software refreshes the feed. Unfortunately, Google Calendar refreshes it only once a day and we have no influence in Google's Settings to change it.

That said, the changes will be reflected, but the calendar will be undated only once a day by Google. We're very sorry for this inconvenience, we're trying to find a different solution and are looking for a workaround, but so far, we weren't able to overcome Google's settings.

Best regards,