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Syncing Current Todoist Account w/ New Gmail Account


I've been testing Todoist for awhile now making sure this it will work well for my needs . When I sign in using my Firefox add-in, I am given the option of signing in using my Gmail account. Since I just acquired one, and plan to switch all of my e-mail to it soon, I tried signing in this way today. For obvious reasons (the fact that the e-mail account doesn't match my current Todoist account), it treats me like a new member & guides me to start adding tasks. I have a pretty extensive set of lists, and can't possibly recreate it all. Is there a way to change my current info to sync these two tools together? Thanks so much for any help that you can lend!!!

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David Trey staff
Replied on Sep 17, 2012 - 07:20


if you've signed up using your GMail account, Todoist has created a new account associated with your GMail address. If you want to use your old account with your GMail address, please do the following:

1. Sign into Todoist using your GMail account.
2. Go to Preferences (upper-right corner) -> Account.
3. Use the link at the bottom to delete the account (and all data associated with it incl. the information about your GMail email address.

At this point, your GMail address will be free to use on a different account.

4. Log into Todoist using your old credentials (the email address you've used when you've signed up first).
5. Go to Preferences -> Account.
6. Change the email address associated with your account to your GMail address.
7. Go to the Google Authorizations tab.
8. Link this Todoist account with your GMail account.

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