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Markdown Support?


I would like to know if Todoist currently supports or plans to support "Markdown" formatting in the future? http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

Bill Gelbaugh

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jul 30, 2012 - 07:35

Hello Bill,

you can currently format the name of your task with bold, italic, underlined or highlighted text. For more details, please refer to this page: https://todoist.com/Help/viewHelp?page=format_syntax

You're welcome to add your vote for this request in our Votebox: http://todoist.com/Vote/showProposal/440/

Best regards,

John Winstanley
Replied on Dec 15, 2012 - 04:48


I realist that for the majority of your users markdown means nothing but for some of us it is almost muscle memory now and it would be great to have the option to not have to learn another syntax.

I've voted. Thanks.

Replied on Jul 24, 2013 - 11:28

I agree with John, changing the bold and italic, etc to be the same as markdown shouldn't be too much work and a lot of people (like us) would be eternally grateful

Kakaxa premium
Replied on Jul 26, 2013 - 16:36


Justin Maxwell premium
Replied on Aug 26, 2013 - 19:32

+1, please add support for markdown, it is an industry standard whereas the markup todoist uses now is not. Exactly what John W. said — muscle memory. I'm a paid user if that matters any.

Mike Greiner premium
Replied on Nov 17, 2013 - 14:44

+1, agree. Also, the current keyboard shortcuts conflict with keyboard navigation on the Mac -- particularly ctrl-b.

Replied on Nov 17, 2013 - 15:15

Keyboard shortcuts should be customizable, they also conflict with Sublime Text.

Mathias Böni premium
Replied on Apr 12, 2014 - 12:06

+1 :-)

Jonathan Dewe
Replied on May 24, 2014 - 00:45


Steve Clarke premium
Replied on May 24, 2014 - 09:34


修平 永田 premium
Replied on Jun 30, 2014 - 05:22


Sergei Kuharev
Replied on Jul 19, 2014 - 07:05