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I am unable to print a complete list of tasks


For some reason I am unable to print a complete list of my task/projects. Up until lately this has not been a problem. The challenge is that it seems to print a different number of tasks depending on whether I print front and back or single sided. I've also tried two different browsers, IE and Firefox with neither working. I also tried printing to PDF and get the same truncated results. I've also double checked to make sure I can see all of my projects by using view all. Either way it is not printing my project list as desired. Please advise. Thanks.

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Jon Manlove premium
Replied on Mar 29, 2012 - 14:04

I have found a work around. After I click on the print icon a new window opens with the complete list and a print window opens. If I close the print window, double check to make all my items are listed and then use the Print menu item from the File menu it works and I get all my projects and tasks.