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Feature Request: Ability to turn Tasks into Projects
Please - ASAP plugin from ToDoist for MAC !!!
Structureв list become a mess
Recurring Events Skip Today
Adding Task
Cannot Get App to Download and Open
Is it possible to see all tasks completed during a specific time period - say 1/1/14 to 12/31/14
Show in today
Easily Adding subtasks
TD Causing Adobe CC issues.
Subtask association with parent task
I have added ToDo on both my MAC I iPhone, how do I get them to sync?
How can I turn Karma off?
Subtasks right from Today view
When I wish to assign a task to my colleague, I have use his e-mail like for Marc Evequoz. How can I assign directly with Marc and the system uses the e-mail address attached to Marc.? Kind Regards
Mac App Can't Connect
Integration of emails in to-do list
Labels Order Changing in Task
Time and Reminders Settings
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