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Is there a way to make the priority colors next to the task more visible on the ipad/iphone app? They are so small (narrow), it is very difficult to see.
Why is todoist changing the order of my labels?
How do I search by Order Number
Chrome Extension +Gmail
Why does my Start Page disappear frequently?
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Mac application - quick add shortcut not working
Email reminders generated even when recurring task has been completed
"Do It Today" works every other click
Todoist for Windows - does not open
The app crash when I try to complete a Task
CANT CREATE SUBTASK ON MY LAPTOP (can do in my Android ?)
Archived projects
Appointments and manual sort
Lost subtasks
Days past yesterday is shown as "%d days ago"
My overdue items from 2 days ago shows up with a "%d days ago"
May we have a choice of text sizes?
The time has been set to Singapore time. I set the reminder to 5.30pm but Todoist shows reminder at 9am.