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  Todoist Delete Account Reason
  Vincent Schilling, Robert Ottinger, and Shin are still waiting for you to join Twitter...
Daily Checklist
Notes lost ordering/sequence
  Auto: I'm here to help you get the most out of Todoist Premium
When defining a filter, is there a way to set the order?
Change ios widget folder.
Compact view for any of the default views or filter results
Exchange Web App
secure connection failed
  [Todoist Blog] Please moderate: "Todoist’s New Update for iOS 8 & iPhone 6/6+ [Plus iPhone Giveaway!]"
  You've Got New Survey Responses
Android Widget Enhancment Suggestions
Five weeks of meeting weekly goal; karma credit stuck at 2 weeks
  Adjust - app tracking/analytics
Due dates working funny when setting them
  AppSumo deal
  The Secrets to App Success on Google Play
suddenly 3000+ tasks (dublicates) - unable to add new
  Todoist Delete Account Reason