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I keep geeting message my session has timed out forcing me to sign back in. Very frustrating as it was happening every 5 minutes with no inactivity. I m running Windows 7 do I have to use Chrome
If I have TODOIST loaded on my laptop at home and I can access my outlook via vpn can I load TODOIST on my computer at the office so I have the same functionality at home as at work
How to stop a recurring text message? | I don't find a related task in Todoist
is it possible to merge with iphone calendar with Todoist ? procedure please
recurring tasks but appear as completed when done for a single day.
How can I print my entire to do list. When I go to print it just prints the one project that I have Highlighted
Phantom Tasks?
Please fix - it required to press exactly 5 time the icon with Calendar to open the calendar when I add or edit a task.
Fix problem with label edition - cursor moves at the end of line after every single symbol deleted or added
Why does my todoist on iphone crash?!!!
Windows Version does not display foreign characters
I accepted your offer of a free month trial of Premium and downloaded it to my Windows system. Now, premium is not showing up on my system but you're telling me I have it so i can't try again.
How do I get the plug-in to attach to my gmail account
Premium renewal
Overdue Recurring task with a link
How can I had the 1 month premium trial, as I can't find an email received with that option?
I am using office 365 on my PC and can post an email to todoist. However, I cannot do so using outlook on my ipadd. How can I fix this?
Start date and calendar view
DST bug pops up again for tasks due-dated spring 2014