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when I want to print all my projects I have to view all and only approx 10 per page. Can I export to manipulate the list . I would like to have about 30 per column with three colomns for about 90 per page
Completed tasks on iPad
I keep geeting message my session has timed out forcing me to sign back in. Very frustrating as it was happening every 5 minutes with no inactivity. I m running Windows 7 do I have to use Chrome
If I have TODOIST loaded on my laptop at home and I can access my outlook via vpn can I load TODOIST on my computer at the office so I have the same functionality at home as at work
How to stop a recurring text message? | I don't find a related task in Todoist
is it possible to merge with iphone calendar with Todoist ? procedure please
recurring tasks but appear as completed when done for a single day.
How can I print my entire to do list. When I go to print it just prints the one project that I have Highlighted
Phantom Tasks?
Please fix - it required to press exactly 5 time the icon with Calendar to open the calendar when I add or edit a task.
Fix problem with label edition - cursor moves at the end of line after every single symbol deleted or added
Why does my todoist on iphone crash?!!!
Windows Version does not display foreign characters
Filter by recurring
I accepted your offer of a free month trial of Premium and downloaded it to my Windows system. Now, premium is not showing up on my system but you're telling me I have it so i can't try again.
How do I get the plug-in to attach to my gmail account
Premium renewal
Overdue Recurring task with a link
How can I had the 1 month premium trial, as I can't find an email received with that option?