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how do you clear caches/cookies off of Internet Explorer and how do I know which of the two links you suggested at the bottom of your last reply to choose? By the way, the following symbols are to go before and after the urls I sent to you earlier <>...again my bad. I only know enough to confuse others and be dangerous....seriously...lol
i posted the URL in the detail box.
the re-install did not work. the speech recognition software is not a plug -in. I actually have the disk.. it is a full program om y computer. up until yesterday todoist ran fine in spite of this newly installed program. the message i am getting says the webpage cannot be found. yet i can access todoist online as I am now. are you thinking that I will need to unistall the new software in order to get todist up and running again? Will I be able to run the new soft ware that I just bought and installed? like I said , it had been running fine until yesterday. I havew performed several scans to check on anything foreign that may have affected my pc or the programs. I will try the right click suggestion again?
I also can access the address you suggested via Internet Explorer. I need to correct what I said earlier. the error message read "bad request" not bad web page. my bad.
I am using Outlook Office 2010...I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer...I am using Windows 7...intel core i7 vpro. I will access the address you suggested..I recently installed "Dragon : Naturally Speaking" speech recognition soft ware ..the 11.5 version..I tried the right click suggestion...do not see the choice to "reload"
I am getting an error message http 400 ( bad web page ) resulting in my todoist for outlook add-in not opening on in oultlook. it used to until yesterday. would someone walk me through how to fix this?
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