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problems with todoist premium
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Please hide controls that user can't use
How do I change the default to "My Inbox" (versus "Team Inbox") when using shortcut shift command "a" to create a task?
Recurring tasks synced with ipad air calendar repeat only 3 times
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Need Apps for ios 6.1.6
App for older iOS
Recurring date.
How can I expand/collapse subtasks?
  No subject
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Collapsing sub tasks
My notes disappear when i try to open them
Refund Process?
  Re: [Todoist Blog] Todoist and Why I Love My Work Again
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[Feature Request]Remeber the last Project for Share Extension
Filtering by tags is erratic
  Contabilidad Electrónica / Curso Virtual por Internet y Presencial en Canacintra Tijuana / Jueves 11 de diciembre 2014 / Software Fácil