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в айфоне (iPhone4) дата задач сдвигается на +1 день
Emails added as tasks using the Outlook add-in appear as long junk string in completed tasks
Latest iOS update
where is the integration with Outlook tasks?
Reiminder on ipad4 retinal display reminders problem
Change ios widget folder.
Todoist crashes on load ios 8.1.1 on iPhone 6 plus
Some filters do not work with the latest iOS version
filter :to others: doesn't work on iOS
Safari action extension incorrectly shows "please sign in" in v9.5
Slow task addition and completion on iPhone 4 (Today screen)
Tasks on mobile appear with one day shift
Sorting labels and naming email tasks
Update iPhone 6 e 6 Plus
Menu Bar Floating?
Eliminate Reminders Prior to Recurring Tasks
App refresh in the background doesn't work / iOS8
Action Extension TD shortcut with the latest update not working.
Disable push notifications for tasks of the day
Todoist close frequently before install your last updat.