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Add Completed Tasks
Assign a task to more than one person
Does deleting a project delete or *detatch* the associated tasks?
Bug report: incorrect date shown on recurring event
Filter completed task in past 7days
Due-date sorting in "Next 7 Days" view.
How to add more than one task at a time? Can a copy of and paste a list of tasks at once?
App freezes on Label Delete confirmation screen
Add Avatar Not Working
App keep closing
I purchased the upgrade of the to do list but it has not downloaded
Completed items
How do I add a range of dates for completion?
Upgraded to premium. Now MacOS Mavericks client crashes on starup
Bug with a smiley <3 --> &lt;3
Feature request: colapsible 'no firther tasks today'
Send a new task to todoist incl. project and subproject
problem with search
problem with shared project
Todoist and ical apple OS X Yosemite