Firefox Questions
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Impossible to set location reminder : no map
location reminder stuck / not working
Redirected after adding every new task
How to set up recurring task with an end date so it stops recurring on that end date?
Sub-tasks don't stay expanded
Todoist not Loading when using FFox, but it does when using Chrome
Only appear in certain tabs?
Possible to open Todoist panel on the right?
Button for adding Notes is Not Available Any More
Frustrated by lack of access in Firefox
Filter to Show Completed Tasks
You have caused a disaster!
Is there a free trail for business?
Question/Request: Reminders for Recurring Tasks
Addon icon with a counter
how do I move a group of tasks, at one time, underneath another task and have it be a subtask??? see screenshot
Date sorting and multi-select
how can I move a group of tasks at one time, so that they automatically become a subtask of another parent?
how can i rearrange the labels order in the left pane after clicking "labels"?
how do i start a new line (line break or paragraph break) while entering data in a task?